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Adjunct Quick Answers

How and When do I Enter Final Grades?

Final grades are due within three business days after the last day of finals.

Grades may be entered by logging onto MySLCC. Once you are logged in, proceed with the following steps in sequential order:

  • Log into MySLCC Faculty Tab
  • Click Final Grades
  • Select term and submit.
  • Select a class from the drop-down box and submit.
  • Scroll down and begin grading-continue to Page 2 if you have more than 25 students.
  • Make sure to log out of MySLCC when finished posting grades.

Last Dates of Attendance-Format: mm/dd/yyyy

Last dates of attendance (LDA) must be submitted for students receiving a grade of "E" (failing). If a student never attended the class, please submit the LDA as the first day of the semester.

Clock Hours

Clock hours are reported for Apprentice-related classes only. For all other classes, please leave this column blank.

See also, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center's Submitting Grades video tutorial.

Contact the Technical Support Help Desk website with Live Chat at 801-957-5555 for MySLCC login assistance. For more information, contact the Enrollment Services Office 801-957-4298 or contact your department.