How do I Find My College Mail Box?

Individual Mail Boxes

At the Taylorsville Redwood Campus and all other sites except the South City Campus, you will be assigned a mail box or slot by your department. At South City Campus, your mail will be available in 1-061E. Please check your mail often. It will contain all U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail incoming to you, "all personnel" and other memos, and campus mail from all SLCC sites.

Personal Mail

Incoming: Your personal mail may not be sent to the College address.

Outgoing: Although you may not use College envelopes or postage for your personal mail, you are welcome to place stamped envelopes in department drop boxes, bring it to Mail Ser­vices.

Student Assignments–Drop Off

Individual mail boxes may not be accessed by students to leave or pick up assignments and/or graded work. Students may leave assignments at the counter in Mail Services, at the front desk in other centers such as Jordan Campus, Sandy, and Main Street, or in any campus mail drop box so long as they place the instructor's name and mail stop code clearly on the front of the assignment. Such assignments will be processed as any other piece of campus mail. HOWEVER, to ensure the security of your mail and the mail of others whose boxes are in your area, under no circumstances are students allowed access to unattended mail box areas to drop off or pick up assignments.

Student Assignments–Pick Up

Graded assignments may not be left in your mailbox for pickup by students or for distribution by "front desk" personnel. Mail Services is not able to distribute to students for you.

Check with your department for information about students dropping off or picking up assignments.

For more information and hours of operation, see the Mail Services website.