How do I use MyPage?

To log in to MySLCC:

  • Go to the SLCC homepage
  • Find and click the tab, MySLCC Login, in the middle of the header at the top of the page
  • Log in using your MySLCC username and password
  • Click on the "Faculty" tab
  • Select from the menu to enter grades, register students, or view and print a class list
Note: If this is the first time you will be using MySLCC, go to the MySLCC Login Page and select "Click Here" under "Get Your Username and Password (New Users)." Enter your name, birth date, SLCC ID number, and the last four digits of your social security number. Make up a secret question and answer, then input your chosen password, (must be exactly 8 characters long) and enter it again. Click on submit. The computer will assign your username. Write down your username and password in a secure location for future reference.

Contact the Technical Support Help Desk website with Live Chat at 801-957-5555 for MySLCC login assistance.

Functions of MySLCC

The core elements of MySLCC are the tabs located in each individuals account. These tabs appear on the top left of the users screen after login.

The following are some of the tabs which may appear when you've logged into MySLCC:

  • Student
  • My Courses
  • Student Life
  • Faculty
  • Employee

Note: Not all employees will have all these tabs; your status at the college will determine which tabs will appear once logged in (ex. a student will have a Student tab, a faculty member will have a Faculty tab, etc.)

Each tab possesses features aligned with its category. For example, the MySLCC tab contains general information regarding SLCC and scheduled events, etc. A student would be able to check their schedule, register for classes, etc. on their Student tab. From the Faculty tab, a faculty member would be able to check the courses they teach, see who's in their classes, assign grades, etc. In the My Courses tab, a student or faculty will see what classes they are enrolled in or what classes they are teaching. The Employee tab allows faculty members the opportunity to view their employment status with the college. It also lists some resources which may be of assistance to you. The Student Life tab provides students with information regarding the different activities, clubs, and organizations which are available on campus.

MySLCC also features an e-mail account which allows you to communicate with your students and colleagues.