Course Fees

Salt Lake Community College continually focuses on our fiscal responsibility to maximize Access and Affordability for our students. Each year course fees are evaluated to ensure they are set, collected, and used at a reasonable rate to students. Course fees are approved annually by the SLCC Executive Cabinet and Board of Trustees and effective for the following year.

2021-2022 Course Fees Timeline

  • Friday, January 9, 2021: Course fees report & instructions email sent to academic administrators.
  • Friday, February 5, 2021: Course fees proposals and account response due.
  • Thursday, February 16, 2021: Course fees presented to SLCC Executive Cabinet.
Course fees are effective Summer Term 2021 through Spring Semester 2022.


Course fees should be kept to a minimum whenever possible to avoid increasing the financial burden on students. Fees should only be charged to recover expenses directly associated with individual students or to purchase materials and supplies for students when doing so provides students with a substantial cost savings. Course fee revenue should not accrue over time.

SLCC Course Fees Guidelines contains guiding principles surrounding the purpose, collection, and acceptable use of course fees. It also includes examples of acceptable course fees and where course fees are situated in the matrix of funding teaching and learning materials.

Budget Sample

Requests for new or increased fees must include a detailed budget rationale. The Course Fees Budget Detail includes anticipated expenditures and revenue to support the proposed fee justification. Download a sample detail.

Approved Fee List

The most recent list of approved course fees can be found on the Curriculum 365 SharePoint site. You are required to log into SLCC Office 365 to access this information.