General Education

General Education courses teach basic skills and broaden students’ knowledge of a wide range of subjects. Education is much more than the acquisition of facts; it is gaining the strategies and skills to use information in meaningful ways in order to enrich one’s life. Students become truly educated through making connections across disciplines.

General Education Course Approval

New courses seeking general education designation must include a current Course Curriculum Outline (CCO), the General Education Rationale, and a representative course syllabus.  Once approved in the School Curriculum Committee, the proposal documents will be uploaded to the Curriculum 365 Site and by the School’s Curriculum Technician and placed on the agenda of the General Education Committee.  The sponsoring faculty member will present the course proposal to the General Education Committee. The committee will discuss the proposal and then take a formal vote.  Approved proposals will go to the Senate Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate for final approvals. 

General Education Course Five-Year Review Process

Every General Education course at SLCC is  reviewed every five years.  The five-year review is conducted and certified complete by the department or division, passed by the appropriate School Curriculum Committee(s), and ratified by the General Education Committee. These groups  work together to verify that the course  fulfills the intent and purpose of General Education as listed in the Course Curriculum Outline (CCO) and General Education Rationale, that changes in the CCO are warranted by experience in offering the course, and that the criteria for listed designations continue to be satisfied. In addition, the Committee will assess ePortfolio integration, signature assignments, and reflection in the course.

The General Education Handbook  outlines details about the review process.  Course review materials and the review schedule can be found on the Curriculum 365 Site *.

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