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Instructional Testing Services

Instructional Testing Services provides exam proctoring services for students enrolled in online courses at SLCC. Our testing center facilities support both computer-based and paper-and-pencil tests, administered in a quiet and secure setting. Faculty can schedule exams at all locations.

Online Course Exam Request Form

Remote Proctoring

In addition to proctoring within one of our testing centers, coordination of arrangements for remote proctoring for online students who live outside of our service area (Salt Lake Valley) is also available. We facilitate communication among the student, instructor, and remote proctor. Staff perform an initial review of the proposed proctor or facility to make sure required standards are met. In questionable cases, staff provide guidance to both the student and instructor regarding appropriate alternatives.

Learn more about the student remote proctoring information

Remote Proctor Request Form

Deadline to Submit Fall '17 Remote Proctor Request is Monday, December 4th.

Make-Up Exams

We administer make-up exams for students who are unable to test due to illness or a family emergency. This service is available to all courses (including classroom) at our Redwood campus in LIB 046 and South City Campus in 2-187.

Make-up Exam Request Form

Locations, Hours & Policies

Hours and location information for each of the Instructional Testing Centers are listed below. We encourage faculty and students to review our Testing Center Policies.

(CT 070)


South City


(HS 054)


West Valley Center***
(Suite 120)



8:15 AM – 7 PM

12 PM - 7 PM

8:15 AM – 5 PM

8 AM – 7 PM

Tuesday, Thursday

8:15 AM – 9 PM*

12 PM - 7 PM

8:15 AM – 5 PM

8 AM – 7 PM


8:15 AM – 7 PM

10 AM - 5 PM

8:15 AM – 7 PM **

8 AM – 7 PM


8:15 AM – 5 PM

10 AM - 5 PM

8:15 AM – 5 PM

8 AM – 4:30 PM

Final Exam Period

8 AM – 9 PM

8 AM – 9 PM

8 AM – 8 PM

8 AM - 7 PM

*Exception: RWD will close at 7 PM at the beginning of each semester and during school breaks.

**Exception: JDN is open until 9 PM one Wednesday a month. Call 801.957.6226 for specific dates.

***Computer-based tests only.


See a list of frequently asked questions. For all other questions regarding Online Testing Services, please contact:

Debra Graham