Exemplary Faculty Service Award

The Exemplary Faculty Service Award is given to a full time faculty member who, while at Salt Lake Community College, has given outstanding service to the college, the profession, and/or larger community.

Rationale: College and community service is a significant part of the professional lives of faculty, and in highlighting this service, this award underscores the essential role faculty play in shared governance, and in the nuts-and-bolts, day-to-day work required to make a college work, to keep quality higher education the hallmark of SLCC, and to move the college forward in our larger institutional goals.


  • The faculty members must be current, active, full-time faculty (at least 3 years at the college).
  • The primary type of service for which this award is intended includes leadership roles, work on committees and ad-hoc projects
  • The award is for service clearly “above and beyond” one’s normal duties and responsibilities.
  • Nominee should have a record of multiple service activities, or a single major activity over a sustained period (at least 2 years).
  • The primary criterion is one of impact. There should be substantial evidence that a nominee’s service activities have had a significant positive impact on the life of the college and/or the community.

Please submit your letter of nomination describing why you believe the nominee deserves to be considered for the Exemplary Faculty Service award to facultydevelopment@slcc.edu.

Nominations Due: February 20th, 2019.