The Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is given by the SLCC Foundation Board to recognize true excellence in professional education at Salt Lake Community College. Both full-time and adjunct faculty are eligible. The award reflects a cumulative body of teaching excellence rather than just a single year of fine work. The Foundation provides $5,000 and $3,000 to the full-time and adjunct recipients of the award.

Teaching Excellence Award Timeline

Steps Event Date
1. Call for Nominations October 3, 2018

Nominations due

November 21, 2018

Faculty Development notifies faculty members they have been nominated

December 7, 2018

Teaching Excellence application due

February 8, 2019
5. Professional Growth and Faculty Development committee forwards Finalists to the SLCC Foundation February 22, 2019
6. Foundation makes their final decision March 8, 2019

Foundation notifies winners

March 13, 2019
8. Faculty Development notifies all applicants of the results March 15, 2019
9. Public Recognition at the Faculty Convention April 12, 2019
10. Employee Recognition Event

April 24, 2019

Teaching Excellence Award Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to articulate the criteria and process of the SLCC Teaching Excellence Award. The award should reflect a cumulative body of teaching excellence rather than just a single year of fine work.


A nominee must have achieved excellence in each of the following:

  • At least five consecutive years of consistently excellent performance as a teacher at SLCC (75% of work load teaching)—i.e., the nominee enables students to learn
  • A sound understanding of teaching and pedagogy as evidenced by successful work with students
  • Successful curriculum development
  • Outstanding service to the department, division, College and community
  • Professional activities; i.e. scholarship, artistic work


The Teaching Excellence Award process is divided into two phases: the nomination process where students, fellow faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate excellent faculty--and the application process where those faculty who are nominated apply for the Teaching Excellence Award.

Nomination Process

Nominations should adhere to the following process:

  • Announcement of open nominations and written guidelines provided to College community in early fall of the academic year.
  • All members of the College community—students, faculty members, staff and administration—are eligible to nominate a faculty member. Faculty cannot nominate themselves. Faculty are not to solicit nominations from other faculty, students or staff. Full-time faculty must be teaching a full load the year they are nominated.
  • Those nominating must complete a short online form that describes the reasons for nomination and how the nominee excels.

Application Process

Nominees should adhere to the following process:

  • Faculty member must submit an ePortfolio url of his/her Rank and Tenure ePortfolio that demonstrates excellence in teaching.
  • The ePortfolio must reflect the applicant's cumulative body work that demonstrates teaching excellence, as well as a cover sheet with a narrative description of the nominee’s work as it pertains to innovative teaching practices. It must also include evidence of successful curriculum development, professional activities related to teaching and outstanding service to the department, division, the College and community.
  • AD must submit evidence for the nominee which includes the faculty's IAS scores (summary only 2 years max), statement of full-time teaching load the semester nominated (for full-time faculty), and 5 letters of progress for tenure-track faculty.
  • A letter of support from an academic administrator.
  • Nominee submits documents by announced deadline through a specific link in his/her ePortfolio.