How do I get my S# and OneCard?

As an employee of SLCC, you will receive an identification number referred to as your “S#” and an ID card, referred to as your OneCard. You will receive your S# from your department. Your S# will be printed on your OneCard. Faculty and Staff may obtain their OneCard from any ID center. A OneCard ID "Authorization Form" must be signed by your Associate Dean. The cost is $10. You may pay in cash, check or ask your supervisor for authorization to use your department cost code.

Take the form to an ID center with a driver's license or other picture ID. They will take your picture and give you a college ID card. You are now an official SLCC Bruin!

Campus Location Telephone
Taylorsville Redwood Campus Student Center Information Desk 801-957-4022
South City Campus Student Center Office Room 1-061 801-957-3407
Jordan Campus HTC Information Desk 801-957-2600

For more information about the OneCard visit the OneCard Website.

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