What is my responsibility to students with disabilities?

At SLCC we have a diverse student population. You will often have students in your courses that have disabilities. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is a student service that facilitates inclusion and equal access for all students and provides accommodations to students with disabilities.

What is my responsibility when I receive an accommodation letter from one of my students?

If a student is eligible for an accommodation, you as the faculty member will receive an accommodation letter via email from the DRC in your @slcc.edu email. Please remember to check your email every day. You can access your @slcc.edu email using Web Outlook, or by logging in on a physical computer on campus. This letter will include accommodations you are required to implement. If there are any questions on how to implement or how the accommodation will impact your course, please contact the advisor that sent the accommodation letter. If you do not agree with the accommodation, again, contact the advisor that sent the accommodation letter. Do not have the conversation with the student. Remember to maintain confidentiality through this process.

Faculty must include this statement in their class syllabus each semester

What should I do if I feel one of my students is struggling in class, but has not presented me with an accommodation letter?

It is recommended you provide the student with a list of resources which includes the DRC. For example, you might refer the student to Academic Advising, the Learning Center as well as the DRC. You can include any resources you think might be beneficial to that student. This is an effective way to let the student know that the DRC is an option, but you are not telling them that you regard them as having a disability.

Please note: College policy does not allow faculty to offer accommodations to students without written authorization from the DRC.

A great way to look at the accessibility of your courses is to use this checklist .

In addition, In Canvas Ally is a tool that supports universal access by automatically checking for accessibility issues in files added to Canvas and generates alternative accessible versions in multiple formats. You will recognize Ally by the small colored gauges you will see in your Canvas courses. Each time you add a file, Ally will let you know how universally accessible it is.

If you have further questions regarding general accessibility in your courses, contact Clint Stoker at (801) 957-4763.

For more information, please visit the SLCC Disabilities Resource Center faculty website.

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