Syllabus Statements and Important Dates

Each course taught at SLCC requires a syllabus. The following information must be include in each course syllabus:

DRC statement

SLCC values inclusive learning environments and strives to make all aspects of the College accessible to our students. If you have a disability and believe you need accommodations to improve access to learning materials or the learning environment, please contact the Disability Resource Center: Phone: 801-957-4659; Email:; DRC Website.

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement

The student is expected to follow the SLCC Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

General Education Statement (if applicable)

This course fulfills the [category] requirement for the General Education Program at Salt Lake Community College. It is designed not only to teach the information and skills required by the discipline, but also to develop vital workplace skills and to teach strategies and skills that can be used for life-long learning. General Education courses teach basic skills as well as broaden a student’s knowledge of a wide range of subjects. Education is much more than the acquisition of facts; it is being able to use information in meaningful ways in order to enrich one’s life.

While the subject of each course is important and useful, we become truly educated through making connections of such varied information with the different methods of organizing human experience that are practiced by different disciplines. Therefore, this course, when combined with other General Education courses, will enable you to develop broader perspectives and deeper understandings of your community and the world, as well as challenge previously held assumptions about the world and its inhabitants.

Title IX Statement for SLCC Faculty

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in any educational institution that receives federal funding. Salt Lake Community College does not tolerate sex discrimination of any kind including: sexual misconduct; sexual harassment; relationship/sexual violence and stalking. These incidents may interfere with or limit an individual’s ability to benefit from or participate in the College’s educational programs or activities. If you have questions or concerns regarding your rights or responsibilities, or if you would like to file a Title IX complaint please contact:

David E. Jensen, J.D.
Director EEO/Title IX

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Academic Administration Building, Room 201D
4600 So. Redwood Road, SLC UT 84123

Online Reporting Form

Students may also report incidents to an SLCC faculty or staff member, who are required by law to notify the Title IX Coordinator. If a student wishes to keep the information confidential, the student may speak with staff members of the Center for Health and Counseling, (801) 957-4268.

For more information about Title IX

Important Information for Students

General Education

Regardless of your major, General Education courses build a foundation of broad knowledge and skills that help you in your further career and life.

General Learning Support & Tutoring Services

General Learning Support & Tutoring Services provide support for SLCC students enrolled in any class at the College. All resources are provided free-of-charge. Ask your instructor about discipline-specific learning support and tutoring services.

  • Tutoring: index of all tutoring resources.
  • STEM Learning Centers: provide free assistance in Math, Science, Accounting, CSIS and Allied Health Classes at 6 campus locations.
  • Student Writing Center: provides in-person and online feedback on all writing assignments.
  • Library Services: provides research help, print and online resources, computers and study space.
  • ePortfolio Lab: provides drop-in assistance for all ePortfolio questions.
  • eLearning Support: provides support for navigating online and hybrid classes.
  • Business Resource and Innovation Center: provides tutors and a study space for students in Business and CSIS courses. Located in BB 226 on Taylorsville-Redwood Campus.

Advising and Counseling Support Services

Advising and Counseling Support Services provide support for students enrolled in any class at the college.

Important Dates to include in your syllabus and to communicate to students

It is important for you to communicate to students the dates found on the academic calendar. Dates you will want to pay particular attention to:

  • Last Day to Add
  • Last day to drop with 100% refund
  • Last Day to Withdraw (with no refunds). Having a conversation with students and their progress may be helpful as this date approaches. A student may want to withdraw from your course rather than receive an E in your course if it appears the student will not pass.
  • Holidays when classes are not in session.
  • Last day of class and Reading Day

The date and time of your final is not on the academic calendar but can be found at Final exams schedule. Deviations from the final exam schedule MUST be approved by your associate dean.

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