Syllabus Statement

Please include the following statement on your class syllabus each semester:

SLCC values inclusive learning environments and strives to make all aspects of the College accessible to our students. If you have a disability and believe you need accommodations to improve access to learning materials or the learning environment, please contact the Disability Resource Center: (phone) 801-957-4659; (email); (website)

Referring Students to the DRC

Faculty can refer students who disclose a disability directly to the DRC. If a student is struggling in your class but has not disclosed a disability, we recommend that you provide a list of resources which includes the DRC. For example, you might refer the student to Academic Advising, the Learning Center as well as the DRC. You can include any resources you think might be beneficial to that student. This is an effective way to let the student know that the DRC is an option, but you are not telling them that you regard them as having a disability.