Test Taking Accommodations

DRC Testing Guidelines

Students registered with the DRC may qualify for a variety of testing accommodations depending upon the functional limitations of their disability. Testing accommodations apply to both tests and quizzes.

The DRC may provide one or more of the following testing accommodations to eligible students, based on the functional limitations of the student’s disability.

  • Extended testing time
  • Minimal Distraction environment
  • Testing aides and examination equipment
    • Proctors, readers, scribes and ASL interpreters
    • Markers & white boards
    • Assistive technology necessary to take an examination such as: voice recognition software, screen readers, specialized keyboards or similar items
  • Specialized furniture such as tables and chairs
  • The use of formula cards and cue cards
  • The use of calculators (according to Math Department specifications)
  • Alternative test formats
    • Enlarged type
    • Computerized tests
    • CCTV
    • Brailed tests
  • Modular testing
  • Other accommodations as may be determined under ADA guidelines

To determine what accommodations your students require refer to the Letter of Accommodation emailed to your @slcc.edu email address.

Accommodated testing locations vary depending on campus and accommodation type. Refer to the emailed Letter of Accommodation for the appropriate testing location and test submission information.

Accommodated Testing Locations

Students with the “Testing at Testing Services” or “Minimal Distraction” accommodation will have proctored tests and quizzes administered at Testing Services. Instructors, please deliver tests and quizzes to the appropriate testing center.

Time Frames: Same Day Testing

Tests will be taken on the same day as the class unless authorized by the instructor. The instructor will need to notify the appropriate testing staff if an exception is made.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate testing center to schedule their tests. For more information, refer to DRC Testing.

Students are not allowed to bring anything into the testing room (papers, books, cell phones, CD player, computers, etc.) unless it is an approved accommodation or specified by the faculty. Use of calculators for testing in math classes will follow the Math Department approved calculator guidelines.

Faculty Responsibilities

Tests may be submitted through the forms listed above. Tests need to be submitted at least 24 hours before the test date. Sufficient details about test date, duration and permitted materials should be provided so that testing staff can administer the test accordingly. Testing staff will only allow materials specified by the instructor in the testing room (i.e. book, notes).

For information about the return of tests to the instructor, please contact the appropriate testing center listed on the emailed accommodation letter.

Students approved for testing accommodations need the opportunity to access lecture or test information given in class on the day of the test. If you intend to review materials before or cover new materials after the test, please announce this ahead of time so the student can make arrangements to attend.

If you have any questions regarding testing accommodations, please contact the DRC: 801-957-4659, drc@slcc.edu.