What is MySLCC?

MySLCC is your gateway to important services you will use at SLCC. You will use MySLCC to do a variety of tasks such as checking Bruinmail, searching the SLCC class schedule, inputting final grades, communicating with students, and registering for professional development to name a few.

To log into your MySLCC account:

  • Go to the SLCC homepage.
  • Find the “My SLCC” drop down menu located at the top of the page. Select the first option labeled “MySLCC
  • If this is the first time you will be using MySLCC, go to the MySLCC Login Page and select "Click Here" under "Get Your Username and Password (New Users)."
  • You may need to go through the DUO Two-Factor Authenticator.


From the Faculty tab, a faculty member is able to check the courses they teach, see the students enrolled in their courses, assign grades, etc.

In the My Courses tab, a student or faculty will see what classes they are enrolled in or what classes they are teaching.

The Employee tab, allows faculty members to register for professional development opportunities, review tax and pay information and have access to other public SLCC information.

SLCC Emergency Alert Service: Please review the contact info associated to you within SLCC EAS. The college uses the EAS to send out important emergency information including college campus closures.

MySLCC Email: Every employee of SLCC is given a Bruinmail account accessible from MySLCC by clicking the “email” icon in the top right corner. If you are an adjunct faculty member, this is how your department and the College will communicate with you. Please check this account often. If you prefer, you can forward this account to another email account. Be aware, when responding to students, the email address you send from will be visible. Instructions on forwarding your BruinMail account.

Physical Mailstop: Each faculty member needs to work with their department to have a mailbox set up when they are hired.

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