Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Fellows


Application Deadline


Program Description

When faculty engage in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, they treat their own teaching as an area of scholarly inquiry. They add to a body of knowledge about teaching and learning and share their findings with the broader scholarly community. Faculty interested in becoming a SoTL Fellow propose to:

  • develop and implement a teaching innovation.
  • situate that innovation within existing scholarship on teaching and learning.
  • share the results of the project with the office of Faculty Development and the broader College community.

SoTL Fellows typically make a small change in their course design or practice and provide an account of the results. Projects at the level of assignment design or some single intervention are welcome. The program is designed to encourage SLCC Faculty to engage in the cycle of making small changes, reflecting on the experience, and sharing the results.

Projects that meet the following criteria will be given priority:

  • make contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).
  • innovate through experiments in course design, assignment design, or pedagogy.
  • generate quantitative or qualitative data on student outcomes.

Finally, the office of Faculty Development views the SoTL Fellows program as a pathway to the Grant Development Fellows program, helping SLCC expand the pool of faculty who are prepared to pursue externally funded projects, and whose work contributes to student, institutional, and community success.

Award Information

Up to $2,500 will be awarded per fellowship, conditional upon the size and scope of the project. The duration for each award is twelve months. Fellows will be asked to attend:

  • a celebration luncheon where all awardees are recognized.
  • a training on how to work with the office of Data Science and Analytics to design a research study and gather data.
  • quarterly groups meetings to discuss project status.
  • a final meeting where faculty share the results of their projects.

Eligibility Information

Full-time SLCC Faculty; only one proposal per faculty will be accepted. Up to two faculty members may submit a collaborative proposal (as fellows). There is no limit to the number of faculty that may assist on each proposal (as non-fellows). Prior awardees can apply again but preference will be given to new awardees. This will not impact collaborative proposals.

Proposal Preparation Instructions

Applicants must complete the Faculty Fellows application.