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Lon Schiffbauer

Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Lon SchiffbauerSee past Distinguished Faculty Lecturers.

Lon Schiffbauer has been named Distinguished Faculty Lecturer for 2018, a program that seeks to identify faculty who are engaged in important and exciting work that they will share with colleagues and the larger community. Schiffbauer’s faculty lecture will focus on rethinking how educators teach millennial college students. He is an Assistant Professor of Business Management at Salt Lake Community College and Research Director for Vivifi, a business strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies develop thriving organizational cultures.

Schiffbauer holds an MBA, as well as a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. For his doctoral dissertation, Schiffbauer studied the effects of the pursuit of self-esteem on an employee’s ability to thrive in the workplace. In 2014-2015 Schiffbauer served as Area Chair of the College of Organizational Behavior at the University of Phoenix.

In addition to his academic and consulting background, Schiffbauer has over 25 years of experience working for such companies as FedEx, Intel and eBay, as well as a variety of small to mid-sized companies around the world. He is certified as a senior professional in human resources with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and in 2014 served as a member of the Salt Lake SHRM board of directors.

Schiffbauer is also the author several books, the most recent being The Courage to Succeed: Discover and Achieve What Matters Most (and tell everything else to take a hike). This book helps people find the courage, focus, and intrinsic motivation needed to accomplish great and marvelous things—things that have purpose and meaning in one’s life.