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The services we provide ensure faculty members have the support to teach effectively and navigate college systems and processes. We offer a welcoming and comfortable environment for SLCC faculty to work, ask questions, and resolve problems. Faculty Support Center staff are trained to work with academic departments as well as with personnel in Student Affairs, Facilities, Key Office, Scheduling, Library Services, Tutoring & Learning, Public Safety, and Information Technology.

Faculty Support Centers provide:

  • Computer and tabletop workstations for preparing classroom material, checking email, grading, etc.
  • Self-service copiers and copy code assistance.
  • Laptop check-out for classroom use.
  • Classroom and general office supplies such as scantron machine, shred bin, staplers, hole puncher, etc.
  • Incoming mail distribution.
  • Classroom access and assistance in obtaining proximity-card access.
  • Faculty-referral to the appropriate college division for additional support if needs are outside the scope of the Faculty Support Center.
  • Microwave, refrigerator, and associated supplies for faculty use.
  • Assistance with basic classroom audio/visual equipment when Classroom Technology is not available.
  • Assist with classroom maintenance (i.e., fix-its).