How/why Do We Use ePortfolios to Assess General Education at SLCC?

Electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) allow institutions to use student artifacts and reflection to directly assess the efficacy of academic programs. Since 2012, Salt Lake Community College has assessed the learning outcomes of the General Education program by using student ePortfolios. This assessment examines whether the General Education program offers students sufficient opportunities to progress toward Salt Lake Community College's (SLCC) General Education learning outcomes, and whether graduating students meet those learning outcomes.

In the past our Institutional Research Office has pulled a random sample of 150 students for our assessment sample. From that group we took the first 50 men and first 50 women who have ePortfolios that are accessible in our Banner system. This year we took a bit of a different approach to our assessment. As part of our effort to be more equity-minded, we started disaggregating the assessment data last year. However, after doing so we ran into several challenges and found that we were falling short in our attempt to disaggregate and analyze the data in a meaningful way. This year we decided it would be beneficial to work more closely with our Data Science and Analytics Office. They helped us find a sample of students for our assessment, which we felt was much more representational. Data Science and Analytics made sure we considered the intersectionality of student groups at SLCC.

The parameters for this sample were as follows: they must have graduated from SLCC in May 2019 with either an A.A. (Associates of Arts) or A.S. (Associates of Science) degree. In addition, the entirety of their General Education coursework must have been completed at Salt Lake Community College. This assured us that we would not be looking at artifacts students completed while taking general education courses at other institutions. In the end, we pulled a random sample of 138 students who fit these parameters and had submitted ePortfolio links to our Banner system. While this part of the assessment report will take a more holistic look at all the students, we will examine our approach to disaggregating the data in an additional section.

As in the past, we used a holistic rubric to complete this assessment. This rubric is a combination of SLCC-specific internal measures, VALUE rubrics developed by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), and AAC&U VALUE rubrics modified for our circumstances at SLCC.

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