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Fostering a Transformative Learning Culture

SLCC staff and faculty development commit to creating a culture that promotes self-reflection and a sense of belonging that transforms how education empowers a diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning environment. Our professional development stems from a growth-mindset that supports connection and open, respectful dialogue with colleagues. We hope that SLCC employees will come away from our equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) professional development opportunities having gained new perspectives and skills to communicate and interact effectively across differences, excel in their professional roles at SLCC, and expand social justice initiatives.

Below is a visual representation of our model for fostering a transformative learning culture, starting in the center with the self, and working its way outward to our communities. Wherever you are on your journey of self-exploration around issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion we hope our professional development serves as an open invitation to your next layer of learning and growth.


Reflect on one’s identities, social groups, cultural practices, and commitment to learning to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness.

Enhance communication skills between people, including verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills, to improve relationships and connect effectively across differences.

Work Environment
Foster a culture of inclusion and belonging in our teaching, learning, and working environments including departments, classrooms, meetings, and other group settings.

SLCC Community
Develop cultural competency by engaging in community-led professional development.

Learn more about our partnerships and the College’s commitment to this important work through the Office of Institutional Equity, Inclusion and Transformation.