SLCC Acronym Dictionary

AA&U Association of American Colleges and Universities
ACC Academic Calendar Committee a faculty senate committee that address the academic calendar as guided by faculty workload and compensation policies
AFI Adjunct Faculty Impact Committee- a faculty senate committee that advocates for adjunct faculty and facilitates events for adjunct faculty
AIC Analysis and Implementation Council
APAFT Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee- a faculty senate committee charged to monitor the institutional documents, policies and procedures that effect faculty appointments, rank advancement, academic freedom and tenure
BOT Board of Trustees
CC Curriculum Committee a faculty senate committee that evaluates the curriculum needs of the college.
CRAO a faculty senate committee that reviews the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws.
EDICT Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Council for Transformation- a college committee with these goals
CBE Competency Based Education
CTE Career and Technical Education
CRE Culturally Relevant Education
eLET e-Learning and Educational Technology Committee a faculty senate committee that helps resolve eLearning issues
FDTEI Faculty Development and Transformative Experiences Initiatives
FA Faculty Association- the faculty committee over benefits
FS Faculty Senate- the faculty committee over curriculum
Gen Ed, GEC, or GC General Education Committee a faculty senate committee that oversees general education and reports to the Curriculum Committee
GPS Growth Planning Support
GYM Grow your Mind
Handshake internet center for students looking for jobs in the community
JEDI Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity – a college committee committed to achieving these goals
JEDI 4ST Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion 4 Social Transformation. Research and methodological research center. External things that are activism.
NWCCU Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities- they come an evaluate our college to certify it meets the standards of college level work.
PWC People and Workplace Culture- a committee the oversees employee experience and college climate
PARS internet center for job postings within the college
PDS Professional Development
PGFD Profession Growth and Faculty Development Committee a faculty senate committee that monitors policies for faculty professional activities, reviews sabbatical applications and offers teaching awards
SCC Senate Curriculum Committee
SLCC Salt Lake Community College
SLCC BOT Salt Lake Community College Board of Trustees
SLOA Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee a faculty senate committee that helps faculty create their student learning outcomes
SSAA Standards, Student Affairs and Admissions Committee a faculty senate committee advises on standards for student admission, retention and graduation.
URP Utah Reintegration Project
USHE Utah System of Higher Education- includes all the state colleges in Utah