Racial Equity in the Professoriate (REP) Program

What is the REP program?

The REP program places significant emphasis on preparing the SLCC community to support faculty of the global majority (FOGM) and building a cohort that provides strong mutual support for the new faculty. This program aims to increase racial equity in faculty at SLCC. We acknowledge the racial tax that most faculty of the global majority face in the professoriate, as well as the isolation that some may feel. The REP Program is designed to build a community of support that will be emotional, professional and educational, and will incorporate release time for additional meetings, check-ins, and mentoring. There is also a summer component to help all new full-time faculty prepare their courses and participate in trainings that will support their transition to the SLCC community.

According to research in higher education journals and research articles there are multiple areas that institutions need to address in order to retain BIPOC/Global Majority Faculty. Retention is one of the major areas that the research suggests (Medium, 2018; ASHE 2015). The REP program is our effort to support and embed racial equity at SLCC:

  • Provide paid support over the summer with early access to Canvas courses, online trainings, and virtual faculty development.
  • Develop a new faculty cohort model of BIPOC/global majority faculty to build community and promote a sense of belonging.
  • Ensure that the racial tax that many BIPOC/ global majority faculty pay is acknowledged through restructure of class load, course release time and providing a community for processing the emotional labor of institutionalized racism.
  • Engage in professional development that acknowledges the embedded intersectional structural challenges in SLCC throughout the professoriate.
  • Provide education and support to administrators and departments to enhance racial equity in their areas.
  • Create a mentorship program with new faculty and current full-time faculty of the global majority.

REP Phase 1: Summer 2021-Spring 2022

To ensure that adequate capacity and support is provided the REP program is being implemented in phases. REP is in its first year and will evolve as we continue to develop and implement policies and practices that support the program’s mission of racial equity in faculty representation. Phase 2 will involve more intentional recruitment and retention strategies, with additional support systems in place.

REP Participation

Criteria for FOGM to participate in the program: Newly hired faculty of the global majority are given the option to participate in the REP Program. This will be decided during the hiring process/offer with the faculty’s Dean or Associate Dean/Department Chair. Faculty will be provided with one 3-credit course release per semester for participating in REP.

Faculty in the REP Program will:

  • Meet regularly with their self-selected mentor for ongoing support, mentorship, and connection including setting and assessing goals for the year.
  • Check-in with the REP Coordinator and Associate Dean/Academic Chair at set times during the year.
  • Support the community building vision of the REP program.
  • Participate in monthly REP meetings for professional development, processing of first year experiences, and community building activities.

REP Program Mentors will:

  • Meet regularly with their mentee to provide ongoing support, mentorship, and connection including setting and assessing goals for the year.
  • Attend REP workshops and events during the year.
  • Support the community building vision of the REP program.
  • Shadow and observe faculty mentees in their teaching and provide feedback.
  • Document the experiences and progress of their faculty mentee throughout the year.

If you are interested in participating in the REP program as a faculty member or mentor please reach out to Stephanie Charles, Faculty Development Equity & Inclusion Coordinator, at stephanie.charles@slcc.edu.