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REPresents (REP) Program

The REP Program is a highly successful retention tool for faculty at SLCC. The purpose of the REP program is to build a cohort of faculty that provides strong mutual support and community that is emotional, professional, and educational. REP supports the vision of Salt Lake Community College to be a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening the communities we serve through the success of our students. As our students find more faculty who look like them, they are retained and graduate at higher rates, according to a sense of belonging theoretical framework (Strayhorn, 2018).

According to research in higher education, faculty retention is one of the major areas that needs significant attention (Medium, 2018; ASHE 2015). The REP program is our effort to support inclusion at SLCC:

  • Develop a faculty model to build community and promote a sense of belonging.
  • Ensure that the experiences and emotional labor of faculty are acknowledged and processed in community.
  • Engage in professional development that acknowledges the embedded and intersectional structural challenges in higher education.
  • Provide education and support to administrators and departments to enhance inclusion in their areas.
  • Create a mentorship program with new and current faculty.

REP has three main objectives:

  • Healing. REP provides a safe space to discuss and support one another in our personal and professional experiences.
  • Community. Faculty build community at SLCC through the REP program and create networking and mentoring relationships.
  • Elevation. REP supports the professional development of faculty through workshops, speaking engagements, and other events, to share best teaching practices and develop strong future faculty leaders.

Faculty and mentors in the REP program will:

  • Meet regularly to provide ongoing mentorship and connection to support the community-building vision of REP, including setting and assessing goals for the year.
  • Engage in peer class observations and provide feedback.
  • Check-in regularly with the REP Coordinator, REP faculty, and the faculty supervisor.
  • Participate in monthly cohort sessions including teaching and professional development workshops, processing of first year experiences for new faculty, and community building activities.

REP Eligibility Requirements:

REP faculty are invested in the goals of the program (healing, community, elevation), and are committed to the values of equity, inclusion, belonging, and wellbeing for all people.

If you are interested in participating in the REP program as a faculty member or mentor please reach out to Stephanie Charles, at or 801-957-4844.