Frequently Asked Questions

SOTL Fellowships are for full-time faculty only and must be oriented toward teaching and learning (see the Request For Proposal on the faculty development website for criteria details).  Winners will conduct a small research project.  Fellows will receive a stipend. 

Grant Development Fellowships are for full-time faculty, staff and administrators.  Winners will develop grant applications to an external funding agency and the project may involve multiple people or departments.  Fellows will receive a stipend or course release.
Only one application will be reviewed per applicant for SOTL Fellowships and Grant Development Fellowships.  Faculty may apply for both a SOTL Fellowships and a Grant Development Fellowship.
Faculty interested in developing a grant application should apply for a Grant Development Fellowship.
Persons who are not full-time SLCC employees are not eligible to receive support from this Program.  That is, they may not receive Fellowship funding, and are not expected to fulfill Program requirements (such as attending training).  However, full-time SLCC employees are encouraged to collaborate with outside partners when it will benefit the project.
Regardless of your percent effort on a current grant, you are eligible to apply.  It is expected that the work involved will be primarily during non-work hours.
Any external grant with funding $25,000 and above is eligible, including both private and public funding agencies