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Curriculum Exceptions

As a student, it is your responsibility to seek an exception to program requirements. Prior to your request, you must successfully complete and pass 12 SLCC semester credits. Requests for exceptions and supporting documentation should be submitted at least two weeks prior to your graduation application deadline. For assistance, you should meet with the academic program advisor specific to your declared program in study.

SAT Students: Prior to your request, you must meet with your program instructor and advisor. Requests for exceptions must be made prior to registering into a new course. If you are receiving a Pell Grant, you must check with the Financial Aid Office for additional information regarding the Pell Grant.


Exceptions to program and course requirements are infrequent, but at times, necessary. Exceptions fall into two categories:

  • Course Substitution: A similar course that you completed is substituted for another course required in your program of study. SAT students can demonstrate work experience to substitute for a required course.
  • Waiver: A program requirement is waived. You are still required to meet minimum credit/clock hour requirements in your current program of study for graduation. No more than 25% of total program requirements may be waived.


  1. Login to MySLCC.
  2. Go to the “Student Academic Profile" Card.
  3. Select "Curriculum Exception".
  4. Fill out the form completely and submit. One form must be submitted for each exception request.
  5. An email will be sent to your BruinMail address within 15 business days.

NOTE: Transfer coursework must be received and evaluated prior to submitting your petition request.