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Program proposal guide

All new programs, substantively changed programs, program name changes, program suspensions and discontinuations must be approved through the SLCC Curriculum process.  This includes final approval by the SLCC Cabinet and Board of Trustees, and notification to the Utah System of Higher Education Board of Regents and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

When the need for a new program or program change is identified by Division or School, PAC members, transfer partners, and/or other stakeholders, a qualified teaching faculty member sponsors the program proposal through the SLCC Curriculum Process. The Program Proposal Guide was designed to aid individuals to determine the specific process and required documentation for program proposals through a series of yes and no questions.


  • R401: template required for program changes (new, substantive, name change, suspend, discontinue, etc …). Template varies based on program proposal.
  • PCO – Program Curriculum Outline:

1. Proposal: summary of program proposal, includes check-list of documents and process

2. Program Narrative: program narrative information for the catalog, includes program location, faculty, description, cost, transfer, and more

3. Curriculum & Learning Outcomes: program-level student learning outcomes (mapped to SLCC Student Learning Outcomes) aligned to curriculum requirements. Template varies based on credential of program.

4. Pathway: semester-by-semester guide for students to complete program requirements, tailored to student’s end goal of workforce or transfer (discipline & institution)

  • Suspend: program is placed in suspension for a determined period of time (typically 1 – 2 years) for assessment
  • Discontinue: end a program permanently
  • Teach-out plan: students are given a reasonable amount of time to complete requirements in a discontinued program (typically 2 years), includes course sequencing for completion and student communication
  • Substantive Change: change to program is 25% or more of program requirements including learning outcomes

Program Tracking

To view where a specific program proposal is in the curriculum process, visit the Program Tracking list on the Curriculum 365 Site.