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Writing Across the College (WAC) Courses

Self-paced Online Courses

Equity-minded educators do their work with respect for the linguistic and language processing diversity of students at Salt Lake Community College. These courses provide you with entry-level knowledge and straightforward strategies that support student writing development.

Teaching Towards Linguistic Justice

This course introduces linguistic/language bias and how Standardized American English impacts students at SLCC. The course explores the debate about language varieties in education and offers strategies that affirm English language varieties that students bring to college. (Online, 6 hours)

Working Well with ELL Writers

This course introduces language learning processes and the challenges of writing in a non-native language. Participants will acquire best practices for instruction and evaluation of ELL student writing. (Online, 6 hours)

Writing with Hidden Disabilities

This course introduces how students with invisible disabilities and neurodiverse cognitive processing may experience writing assignments. Participants will learn about processes involved in writing and how to provide equitable opportunities for writing success to all students. (Online, 6 hours)

Register for these self-paced courses in the SLCC Registration System found under the Employee Tab in your MySLCC portal. In the registration system, select Faculty Development.